NSFAS Online Application 2022-2023

NSFAS Online Application 2022-2023

NSFAS Online Application 2022-2023

The South African government has pledged that education should be free for underprivileged and working-class students. Does this mean that they can help you fund your studies, and how can you get on board?

The National Student Financial Aid Scheme (NSFAS) is the South African government’s way of helping you pay for your studies. But what’s NSFAS? Let’s find out more about it and how you can apply.
What’s this NSFAS?

NSFAS was established by the National Student Financial Aid Scheme Act (Act 56 of 1999) in order to provide student financial aid in the form of bursaries and loans. It receives funds from the government and then grants it to students – like YOU – so they can pay for their tertiary studies.
Wait, Is this a loan or a bursary?

Up until 2018, most of the money given out by NSFAS was actually a loan that you had to pay back once you finished your studies and started working. But, thanks to the SA government’s commitment to free education, all new and returning students applying for NSFAS from 2018 will have the opportunity to receive a full bursary for their remaining tertiary studies. This means that, if you qualify for NSFAS after 2018, you’ll receive free education for the duration of your studies!

Government has set up the National Student Financial Aid Scheme (NSFAS) to provide students with financial assistance to cover the cost for registration and tuition, and provide allowances for books, food, transport and accommodation. You can apply online: www.nsfas.org.za
The closing date for applications is 30 November 2021.Supporting documents

Do I Qualify for NSFAS?

It’s time to find funding for your tertiary studies!

Usually, there are strict requirements for bursary or scholarship schemes, but don’t be discouraged! The South African government’s commitment to free education has made it a lot easier to qualify for NSFAS. Check out these requirements:

Make sure that you have certified and valid copies of the following documents before attempting to apply for funding:

  • Your South African identity document / card (or an unabridged birth certificate if you are younger than 16 years old).
  • The ID of your parents and / or guardian (or death certificate where applicable).
  • Pay advice / letter of employment / pension advice stating income (SASSA slips are not required and SASSA should not be included as household income).
  • A completed and signed consent form, which you may download here and must be filled in with your parent / guardian’s signatures. Applications without a consent form signed by all the people whose incomes have been declared in the application will not be accepted and will be considered incomplete.
  • If you have a disability, please download the Disability Annexure A from www.nsfas.org.za, fill it in and submit it with your application.

Please note: The stamp on all certified documents should not be older than three months.

You may apply if

  • you are a South African citizen with a household income of R350k or less, you are registered at this institution and have not been approved for NSFAS funding in 2022.
  • you are a South African citizen with a household income of R350k or less, you are registered at this institution but have not applied for NSFAS funding before.
  • you are a South African citizen with a household income of R350k or less and you plan to study at a public university or TVET college in 2021 and require funding.

Please note that your application will NOT be considered if

  • you have already applied for 2021 on www.nsfas.org.za and have an application reference number.
  • you already have NSFAS funding for 2022.
  • you already have an undergraduate degree / diploma or postgraduate degree, with the following exceptions:
    • BTech – Architecture / Architectural Technology
    • BTech – Engineering (all disciplines), Cartography, Forestry
    • BTech – Biokinetics, Biomedical Technology, Biotechnology
    • BTech – Chiropractic, Homoeopathy, all Nursing
    • BTech – Clinical or Dental Technology, Emergency Medical Care
    • Postgraduate Certificate in Education
    • Postgraduate Diploma in Accounting
    • LLB

Applicants may make use of the computer lab on campus to apply and may also contact the financial aid office on campus for assistance with their 2022 applications.
You may call the NSFAS Contact Centre on 08 000 67327.
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